The term “preservatives” refers to the functional name for a wide variety of compounds that help slow or prevent bacterial growth in a wide range of products, including foods, medicines, and personal care products. These compounds can be natural or synthetic. Preservatives play important roles in many products people use every day – for example, by helping prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms and protect products from spoilage or contamination.

Preservatives in Food

Preservatives are added to food to fight spoilage caused by bacteria, molds, fungus, and yeast. Preservatives can keep food fresher for longer periods of time, extending its shelf life. Food preservatives also are used to slow or prevent changes in color, flavor or texture and delay rancidity.

Preservatives in Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Preservatives are used commonly in medicines such as acetaminophen, insulin and cough syrup to help prevent microbial contamination. Simply, preservatives help prevent the growth of microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi, which may cause disease or infection.

Preservatives in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products help prevent contamination and the growth of harmful bacteria in products ranging from sunscreens, lotions and shampoos to cleansers, toothpaste and makeup.

Antimicrobial preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products help prevent the growth of molds, yeasts and bacteria, guarding against contamination that can cause irritation or infections. Antioxidant preservatives also can help keep personal care products from spoiling by suppressing reactions that can occur when certain ingredients in a cosmetic or personal care product combine with oxygen in the presence of light, heat and some metals.

Preservatives in Wood

Wood treated with preservatives can be used to build telephone poles, road signs and marine pilings as well as decks, play structures and raised garden beds

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