FERRIC CHLORIDE is Widely used in wastewater treatment and drinking water production, its main action is to remove suspended solids from the water.

It is a colorless to light brown aqueous solution that has a faint hydrochloric acid odor. Highly corrosive to most metals and probably corrosive to tissue. Noncombustible. Used in sewage treatment and water purification.

Other names : Trichloroiron; Iron trichloride; Flores martis; Iron(III) chloride; Iron perchloride; Iron chloride; Natural molysite; Chlorure perrique; Iron sesquichloride;; Iron chloride (FeCl3); Iron trichloride

Uses of Ferric Chloride:

In industrial application, iron(III) chloride is used in sewage treatment and drinking water production. Ferric Chloride is also used in many other applications and manufacturing process.

The resulting brown, acidic, and corrosive solution is used as a flocculant in sewage treatment and drinking water production, and as an etchant for copper-based metals in printed circuit boards. Anhydrous iron(III) chloride is a fairly strong Lewis acid, and it is used as a catalyst in organic synthesis.

Other Applications


Melting point: 292 deg. C
PH: 1
Vapor pressure: 1mm (194c)
Molecular weight 162.21
Solubility: Water alcohol, glycerol, methanol, ether, acetone
Boiling point: 319 deg. C
Density 2.898

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