Industrial lubricants are basically defined as components like fluids, greases, and liquids.

They are used in a large variety of equipment and applications. Most industrial lubricants include synthetic lubricants, emulsions, petroleum or mineral oils. They are most commonly used in aerospace, automotive, military and marine services.

Industrial lubricants are also a mixture of carefully matched components, the base oil, and additives which combine to determine the behavior when in use, both in terms of performance and longer life.

Lubricants are mostly used to

Types of Industrial Lubricants

There are 4 major classifications of lubricants. They are,


Oils are very common lubricants, which are thin liquids made of long polymers chains with additives for various extra properties.

Oil lubricants are mostly used in hinges, bearings, tool maintenance, and sharpening blades.

Oil lubricants can be used when you want to lubricate something without the resistant inherent in using grease. And when you need to wick into a small space, without having to take anything apart.

Oil lubricants are not supposed to be used when the surface being lubricated is exposed to dust or dirt, which can eventually gum up and cause more friction. Secondly, they shouldn’t be used when you need to keep a surface clean because oil is in low viscosity and thus tend to drip and run. Do not use it when the surface is exposed to water or anything that can wash the oil away. It won’t last long.


Greases are prepared using oil and mixing it with thickeners.

The greases are mostly used in gears, bearings, chains, and linkages. There are three types of greases namely white lithium grease, marine greases, and silicone grease. Greases cover broad ranges of temperature, speed, and load.

Greases can be used when you need lubrication to stay put and stick to surfaces for a long time

Dry lubricants

Dry lubricants are substances made of lubricating particles such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, silicone.

Dry lubricants are used most commonly in 3D printer rails, threaded rods, locks, and hinges. The 4 different types of dry lubricants are graphite powder or spray, molybdenum disulfide spray, dry silicone spray.

Film lubricants

Coating system uses additives that are films which protect against corrosion and contamination in a system.

Lubricants can also transport contaminants for removal or serve to control temperature by absorbing heat and carrying it away to be dissipated.

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