about us


Merry   Sanitation   Chemicals Manufacturer was founded in 2014. We are working in the manufacturing and chemical supply sector.    Wastewater treatment chemicals, drilling foam, detergents, degreaser…   etc, are our specialization areas in the manufacturing part.

We cover various sectors in our chemical supply market.  Mining   Companies, Food Processing   Complexes, Cosmetics, and   Detergent Manufacturers, Tannery Industries, Breweries, Soft Drink   Factories etc, are some of the industries that we are currently working with.  


MSCM has provided an extensive range of innovative products and services for the Professional, Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic cleaning industry.

MSCM has successfully established strong service to accommodate small to complex-sized companies both on Raw material and cleaning chemical supply.


Our success is primarily based on our struggle to satisfy our customers and the availability of diversified stock. 

Our philosophy

Our aim is to create a huge world of chemicals where customers never doubt about the availability. We work on the perfection of our customer handling. Our customers are our priority; we care for their maximum comfort.

Core Principles

  • Reducing Client Procurement Costs
  • Reducing Client Transaction Costs
  • Improving Client Labor Productivity
  • Improving Client/End User Relationships
  • Products

    We stock over many items across plenty of distinct product groups, mainly as Industrial chemicals and cleaning chemicals. We have supplied our industrial chemicals for many large manufacturing firms like Mining Companies, Food Processing Complexes, Cosmetics and Detergent Manufacturers, Tannery Industries, Breweries, Soft Drink Factories … etc


    Our distribution network is extensive and covers all areas of Ethiopia. Distribution is facilitated through multiple warehousing and retail outlets.   All products and chemicals can be arranged for delivery, if requested, and are guaranteed to arrive on time and in perfect condition.

    Are you looking for a reliable chemical supplier?