Bentonite (Sodium )

Bentonite API is premium grade Bentonite that meets API specifications 13A. It is ground finely sodium montmorillonite clay which helps fluid loss and filtrate seepage to most water-based drilling fluids by providing viscosity and gelling.

Appearance Off white powder
Bulk density 850 – 900 kg/m3
Solubility in water at 20C 100 %

Bentonite also called bentonite rock, the main mineral component is montmorillonite, , content 85-90%. Bentonite has a strong cation exchange properties, can be used to remove toxic cooking oil, gasoline and kerosene purification and wastewater treatment. Because of good water swelling properties and the dispersion and suspension and slurry, therefore used for drilling mud, flame retardant (fire suspended). After different levels of process, the bentonite widely be used in metallurgy, petroleum, drilling, foundry, food, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

Bentonite used for drilling, swells when it meets water. Its excellent colloid nature can increase the viscosity of suspend fluid. While it is used in drilling mud, the bentonite can improve lubricity of drilling tools, this kind of bentonite is widely applied in drilling constructions at stratums with complicated structures to avoid accident.

Packaging: 1mt /Bag

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