Caustic Soda Flakes/Pearl/Solid 99%

Caustic soda /sodium hydroxide 1.flake,pearl and solid. 2. Purity: 99% 96%. 3. Appearance: white pearl with strong corrosion. Caustic soda 99% flakes/ pearls/solid/liquid. Specifications. Caustic soda naoh 96%-99% flake solid pearls and guaranteed sodium hydroxide. 96% / 99% caustic soda(caustic soda flakes ,solid and pearl),sodium hydroxide and naoh,


caustic soda —– caustic soda flakes/solid/pearl. Chemical name: sodium hydroxide. Formula: naoh. Executive standard: gb209 — 2006. Caustic soda flakes 99%. Naoh%>=99.0%. Naci%<=0.05%. Na2co3%<=0.8%. Fe2o3%<=0.008%. Caustic soda flakes 96%. Naoh%>=96.0%. Naci%<=2.5%. Na2co3%<=1.2%. Fe2o3%<=0.008%. Caustic soda flake 98%. Naoh%>=98.0%. Naci%<=0.08%. Na2co3%<=1.0%. Fe2o3%<=0.01%. Caustic soda pearl 99%. Naoh%>=99.0%. Naci%<=0.05%. Na2co3%<=0.8%. Fe2o3%<=0.008%. Na2so4%<=0.03%.


The manufacture of chemicals, paper, aluminum smelting, refining tungsten, artificial silk, rayon and soap manufacturing, production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceutical and organic intermediates, the old rubber recycling, metal sodium, water electrolysis as well as the inorganic salt production, preparation of borax, chromium salts, manganese salts, phosphate, etc. Need to use a lot of caustic soda. Packaging: caustic soda flakes

PACK SIZE :-    

25kg pp bag. Caustic soda solid —— 200kg / drum, iron drum packaging


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