It has a pH less than 2 and every aspects of safety need to be taken under consideration before moving to action. Limescale
remover is a highly concentrated acid cleaner for removing strong organic and mineral contamination. It can be used as basic
and maintenance cleaner on all acid-proof materials.
De-scaler is a product to remove lime scales from toilet bowls and can also be applied to scales formed from the ionic
evaporation elements like Ca +, Na +, and Mg+. Do not use Lime scale Remover Concentrate on limestone (e.g. marble).
COLOR : colorless
VISCOSITY : 0.074 pa.s
The appropriate concentration of the cleaner depends on the degree of contamination. It can be used for basic cleaning either
undiluted or in a mixing ratio of up to 1:10 or for maintenance cleaning in a ratio of 1:20 – 1:50. Apply the cleaner onto the
contaminated surface and rework it with a brush, swab or a cleaning pad, if necessary. Afterwards thoroughly rinse the surface
with clear water.
PACK SIZE: 20 liters, 200 liters, and 225 liters
B. Anti-BAC

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