Laundry Gel

European Standard formulation with high degreasing and de-soiling abilities, produced at pH 8.0 on premium products. Manual
detergent contains glycerin and special moisturizers for protecting skin against the detergent. Machine detergent is low-tonone foaming. Phosphate free for environmental concerns. Minimum 99.0% aerobically readily biodegradability.
It is applied for any laundry purpose which can be conducted either manually or with machine. The dosage is optimized upon
the degree of stain on the fabric. It can be applied on all white and colored clothes.
COLOR : Pink
VISCOSITY : 3.8 pa.s
It is possible to dilute it in the water up until it is emulsified with or readily mixed with the solvent or can be directly
applied to the stained spot to bring maximum efficiency of spot removal.
PACK SIZE: 20 liters, 200 liters, and 225 liters

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