Soda Ash 99.2% Light/Dense

SynonymsCarbonic acid, Sodium carbonate; Disodium carbonate; Soda ash

Glass manufacturing is the most important application of soda ash dense as it consumes more than half of the world’s soda ash production. Soda ash dense forms nearly fifteen percentage of the raw materials required for glass production. Glass is manufactured by rapidly cooling the melt which contains the mixture of soda ash dense, silica, calcium carbonate, and other chemicals. Soda ash dense is more preferred than soda ash light for glass production because the crystals of soda ash dense and silica are of the same size which helps in uniform mixing.
In glass production, soda ash reduces the melting temperature of silica, and therefore, reduces the energy consumption. It also reduces the viscosity of the raw material melt which aids in increasing the workability of glass and giving it different shapes. Soda ash dense is employed to produce glass of different varieties for different applications, such as container glass for packaging, float glass for buildings and automobiles, fiber glass for insulation, and also glass for tube lights and bulbs.

Appearancewhite odorless, granular
Total Base Content99.2% min (as Na2CO3 on Dry Base)
SODIUM OXIDE58.1% min (as Na2O on Dry Base)
SODIUM CHLORIDE0.05% max (as NaCl on Dry Base)
SODIUM SULFATE0.15% max (as Na2SO4 on Dry Base)
BULK DENSITY800 1100kg/m3
< 0.065 mm: 2.0% max
< 0.125 mm: 5.0% max
< 0.25 mm: 60.0% max
< 0.5 mm: 60.0% min
< 1.0 mm: 95.0% min

PACK SIZE :100kg,50kg,25

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